Sinnespfad am Ahorn

место: Майрхофен

In Mayrhofen im Zillertal, guests see how they measure up compared to "nature's top athletes" in the new Mind Games Natural Experience Centre on the Ahorn plateau. How keen is an Eagle's sight? How quick are a bee's or a swallow's reaction times? How fast does adeer or a rabbit run? Sensation that humans have been unfamiliar with - until now. From June to October, you can experience all of these with Mind Games, the new natural experience centre in Mayrhofen's great outdoors. Mind Games is the ideal place for an excursion - for adults and children alike. Amateur researchers big and small will learn the fun way at the various stations - about recordings from the animal and plants worlds, as well as the flora and fauna of the Ahorn plateau. Comparing animals and humans couldn't get more exciting than a visit to Mind Games. The outdoor Mind Games facility is open daily - even when it's raining.