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It is a duo that certainly packs a punch. Mounts Penken and Ahorn, each superb in their own special way. Spectacular together, simply unbeatable when united under the Mountopolis umbrella. They are what is needed for a perfect active holiday in summer. Here, adventure lovers and those seeking the essential pleasures of rest and relaxation are equally well catered for with varied opportunities for active fun in the fresh mountain air, right in the heart of the alpine setting of the Zillertal Valley. The range of leisure activities are thrilling proof for guests and local day-trippers that there is absolutely no room for boredom on the wide alpine pastures, bike routes and hiking trails of Mounts Penken and Ahorn. Fun and adventure are the name of the game in Mountopolis!

MOUNT PENKEN Adrenalin kick guaranteed

Endorphins and adrenalin go together like Mount Penken and mountain summer! If you are looking for adventure and soothing thrills, this is the place to be. This is where pulse rates quicken, and thrill seekers find just what they are looking for. The perfect dose of adrenalin can be enjoyed by all visitors at the FunSportStation with MotorSkills Parcours including 12 cool stations, E-Trial Parcours, MountainScooters and MountainPlayground. People of every age can train their dexterity, balance and coordination at the FunSportStation. Young mountain enthusiasts will enjoy the water playground LärchwaldBachl and practising their play skills in Virginia's Treehouse, on the trail of mascot AlbertAdler and the climbing tower. ☼ ☼ ☼ ATTENTION: Due to construction work, the rental of MountainScooters and climbing sets is not possible in summer 2024! ☼ ☼ ☼

The MusikInsel on Mount Penken guarantees to provide thrilling entertainment. Featuring events and live music acts, MusikInsel on Mount Penken’s Reservoir promises some fabulous visual and acoustic pleasures. Surrounded by one of the most beautiful panoramas of the Zillertal mountains, traditional sounds and cool beats invite you to join the groove.

The thermal lift on Mount Penken is second to none, making it a magnet for the international paragliding scene. You can take to the skies above Mountopolis from two launch sites, where imposing views from a bird’s-eye perspective are an integral part of the entertainment. If, on the other hand, you seek rock faces to scale, Knorren ClimbingArea is the place for you. KnorrenNadel and Steinbock ViaFerrate climbing routes are simply perfect for starting this sport. Climbing sets are available to hire for a fee at the FunSportStation. (Not possible in summer 2024!)

Mountain bikers are also well catered for on Mount Penken, whether on an e-bike, under their own steam, or conveniently with gondola bike transport. Several routes in various degrees of difficulty for experts and aspiring pros whet the appetite and motivate. Scenic pleasure cycling or speeding up and downhill until your “calves burn”? It’s each to their own when it comes to biking preferences!

But Mount Penken also has its gentler side: enjoyable and leisurely with numerous places offering refreshments alongside the trails, family-friendly with walks such as the pram-friendly PanoramaTrail, with its panoramic stops and views of the Mayrhofen mountains. There is so much to discover: by fun-loving sportspersons on their mountain scooters, mountain bikers, climbers and paragliders, who all fit perfectly into the Mountopolis picture. Our tip: the BergWaldWeg and the Penkenjoch Loop Hike Ticket, which is valid on four cable cars (Penkenbahn, Kombibahn and both sections of the Finkenberger Almbahnen). A satisfying circular hike awaits, including special features such as Penkenjoch with its unique Garnet Chapel.

MOUNT AHORN Unique moments of pleasure and joy

How to get started? Calculate kilometres covered on hiking routes and mountain tours? Although if we’re really honest, who wants to hike every single metre? The Ahornbahn cable car in Zillertal whisks nature-loving hiking fans and families up to the Ahorn plateau and heart of all the action in a mere 6.5 minutes. Whether embarking on a challenging summit tour or savouring the view at one of the feel-good spots to relax - it’s never an either or in Mountopolis. Because that's what connects people with nature and emotions with adventure. Early morning summit ascent? No problem, you can reach the dizzy heights as early as 07.30 a.m. with the Hiker’s Gondola. Or are you an even earlier riser? Those interested can take the SunRise Gondola every Tuesday at dawn from July to mid-September. More of a night owl than an early bird? As in summer, the mystical natural spectacle of sunset can be witnessed in all its glory - thanks to the SunSet Gondola.

As you can see, free spirits and wild "birds" feel at home all day long on Mount Ahorn. So much so, the Eagle’s Stage Ahorn, Europe's highest Birds of Prey Station at 2,000 metres above sea level, has been in situ for over 10 years now. Eagles, buzzards, owls and the like can be admired here during the daily one-hour Birds of Prey Show at 02.00 p.m. (except Fridays). Another programme highlight was created in the form of FalknerOase around Filzen reservoir with the prestigious rating of: absolutely worth visiting!

AlbertAdler PlayWorld by Ravensburger - An exciting and varied indoor game world right next to the Ahornbahn mountain station was created in a collaborative venture with Ravensburger on an area covering around 140m². Equipped with a big climbing wall, playhouse with books and games, an eagle's nest with listening stations, GraviTrax- und Brio play tables, giant puzzle and memory game. NEW: AlbertAdler AdventureTrail - This summer will see the new AlbertAdler Adventure Trail being completed. Embark on this journey and discover the story surrounding "AlbertAdler and the Battle of Mayrhofen", together with our mascot, AlbertAdler. Discover various interactive stations that will delight visitors of every age. At the end of the tour, the newly created "FalkenSteig" trail with the panoramic "Greifen-Brücke" bridge awaits before you return to the starting point of the tour at the Ahornbahn mountain station.

By the way: mountains AND water go hand in hand on Mount Ahorn. The water oases of Lake AhornSee and AhornBachl Stream are exquisitely refreshing and perfect for playing and making a splash, or simply cooling your feet after a hike. Not only that, a very special LeisureSquare is waiting to be discovered at the Ahornbahn cable car mountain station.

What would Mountopolis be without themed trails? One could almost say boring, which is why Mount Ahorn is never sparing with its wonderful attractions. The pram-friendly LeisureTrail runs across the entire Ahorn plateau and offers fabulous vistas from its four ViewingPlatforms: Eagle’s View, Zillertal, Stilluptal and Filzenalm. Those who want to surpass themselves not only mentally but also athletically on Mount Ahorn can do so on the HikingPath Filzenkogel. The well-maintained trail takes hikers to the summit at 2,227 metres above sea level, with panoramic views of the mighty Zillertal Alps. Impressive and inspiring at the same time!

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