Paragliding and Tandem flights in summer from Penken in Mayrhofen in Zillertal.

Our mountains in summer


MOUNT PENKEN Adrenalin kick guaranteed

Surrounded by majestic mountain scenery of Mayrhofen, the  FunSportStation  offers thrill seekers all kinds of sporty activities that you don’t get to participate in any old day. Our MountainScooter Tour is a great way to explore the mountain while the MotorSkills Parcours is suitable for all ages and will put your agility and balance to the test at 12 stations. The E-Trial Parcours is another highlight, where it quickly becomes obvious who possesses agility, coordination, and steady nerves!

Finally, the idyllic MountainPlayGround, with its swings, climbing tower, slides, water station and Virginia's Tree House, from the story about Albert Adler, is a great place for your little ones and guarantees a fun and entertaining time. Anyone wanting to test their vertical limits should check out the  ViaFerratas at Knorren . The required climbing sets can be rented at the FunSportStation. Furthermore, Mount Penken offers optimal thermals that mean great conditions for  paragliders . Of one thing we are certain: you won't be leaving Action Mountain Penken bored.

Surrounded by majestic mountain scenery, the FunSportStation offers thrill seekers of all generatios sporty activities that you don’t get to participate any day.

MOUNT AHORN Unique moments of pleasure and joy

From dusk till dawn, Mount Ahorn in Mayrhofen offers plenty of unique moments of pleasure and joy. Early in the morning, visitors can savour the special experience of the sun rising behind the 3,000-metre peaks of the Zillertal Valley. After a delicious Sunrise Breakfast, you'll be ready for all the activities that the mountain has to offer. For example, there's the  LeisureTrail Ahorn  that leads past four viewing platforms,  Lake AhornSee  and  AhornBachl Stream  and is even suitable for baby buggies. Another highlight is the  Eagle's Stage Ahorn  with the FalknerOase at the reservoir. The  hiking trail to Filzenkogel  gives all summiteers a perfect opportunity to take in the impressive scenery and record their names in the summit log. Info stations along the Alpine FarmingTrail leading to Filzenalm give you interesting insights into the cultivation of this Alpine pasture. If you want to put your balance and coordination skills to the test, head on over to the SinnesPfad. Tip: With the help of the “ Locandy App ”, the leisurely family walking trail transforms itself into an interactive AudioAdventureDrama called “Der Wilderer vom Ahorn”.

Lake Ahornsee and Ahornbachl Stream are the perfect places for nature lovers
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Ascent and descent with Penken or Ahorn cable car
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