AlbertAdler Summer Challenge - FunSportStation

An adventure in Mountopolis

Nice that you are taking part at the AlbertAdler Summer Challenge!

You are currently at the Mountain PlayGround Penken.

Endless opportunities to let off steam in the fresh mountain air. - MotorSkills Parcours: exciting challenges for improving balance and coordination skills at 12 varied stations.

- LärchwaldBachl Stream: water wheel, spiral scoop, wooden barrels and flumes

- Virginia's Baumhaus: a fun wooden house, which is based on the story about AlbertAdler.

- Mountain PlayGround: swings, slides, a sandpit and a huge the climbing tower

And here comes the question about the AlbertAdler Summer Challenge. Make a note of the correct solution letters and get your surprise package with the right solution word at one of our cash desks.

What is the name of the water reservoir that is currently being built here?

  • Mösl (ERL)

  • Gerent (KAR)

  • Knorren (KEN)

Here you can find more detailed information about the AlbertAdler Summer Challenge again!

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