That was the RISE&FALL 2024



RISE&FALL 2024 in Mayrhofen: the winning Red Bull team showed no mercy "Four people, one team, no mercy" - this motto once again applied on 14 January 2024 at the 11th RISE&FALL in Mayrhofen.

International & local top athletes showed top performances and provided breathtaking excitement at the anniversary edition of the extreme sports event RISE&FALL. All disciplines were completed on schedule in glorious sunshine.

RISE&FALL TEAM RACE The unique TEAM RACE competition with the four disciplines of touring skiing, paragliding, mountain biking and skiing demanded everything from the athletes. The 64 teams of four with a total of 256 athletes from all over Europe fought mercilessly for victory and delivered a top-class sporting competition to the spectators at the festival site - up close or live on the video wall.

Winner 2024 Victory ultimately went to Team Red Bull with Paul Verbnjak (ski mountaineering), Aaron Durogatti (paragliding), Andy Seewald (mountain biking) and Albert-Maximilian Meier (skiing) with a total time of 0:39:53.7, followed in second and third place by the Virgo X-Team (0:40:40.6) and Martins Bikeshop Unken (0:45:45.2).

The "Sport Auer 4 Angels" team (0:52:12.2) took victory in the women's classification ahead of the "Mountainshop Hörhager Ladies" team (0:54:55.4) and the "Pandastischen Vier" team (0:59:47.7)

RISE&FALL SINGLE-RACE Once again this year, there was a SINGLE RACE, in which one athlete mastered all four RISE&FALL disciplines alone. A total of eight athletes were able to take on this challenge. Winner 2024.

The winner of the SINGLE RACE classification was Uwe Hochenwarter, who was also a team member of the Virgo X-Team, in a time of 0:50:32.7 ahead of Markus Preiss (0:54:16.6) and Lukas Mangger (0:54:57.9). RISE&FALL KIDS-RACE This year the KIDS-RACE took place for the first time. The children's relay for teams of two aged 8 to 10 and 11 to 13 had to master the disciplines of obstacle course and skiing.

Winner 2024 Of course, the KIDS-RACE was all about having fun. But the children also performed excellently. The 1st KIDS RACE was won by TEAM "G FORCE" (Noah Gschösser & Alexander Geisler) in the male 8-10 age group, ahead of TEAM "Alpinschule Kopp Kids" (Kilian Kopp & Ben Rieder) and TEAM "Jumping Twins" (Theodor Hotter & Anton Hotter).

In the male 11-13 age group, TEAM "Max & Moritz" (Max Troppmair & Moritz Pirker) won ahead of TEAM "Die Wilden Buam" (Nick Schiestl & Lukas Eberharter) and TEAM "LL Cool" (Levi Ebenbichler & Luis Pecar).

In the 8-10 female/mixed age group, TEAM "The Sonic Team" (Flora & Adam Eberharter) won, ahead of TEAM "Ski+Sprung SCM" (Ida Müller & Alina Egitz), ahead of TEAM "The Snowy Hot Shots" (Ella Pramstaller & Alexander Eberharter)

In the 11-13 female/mixed age group, TEAM "Team Kalbl" (Katharina Geisler & Clara Neumann) won ahead of TEAM "Sister Twister" (Emma & Emilia Spieß) and TEAM "Racing Chicks" (Naya Ebebnichler & Jola Pecar).Congratulations to all winners and participants.

Until the next RISE&FALL

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