Relaxing in the Sauna in the adventure pool Mayrhofen

Saunaworld & Solarium

Relaxation pure in the adventure pool in Mayrhofen

The sauna facilities at Erlebnisbad Mayrhofen provide the opportunity to indulge in the essential pleasures of rest, relaxation and revitalisation.


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INDULGE IN THE ESSENTIAL PLEASURES OF REST AND RELAXATION AFTER A LONG DAY.. Perfect for relaxing your muscles after hiking or biking, or to warm up after a day on the slopes, for health reasons, as a contingency programme on bad weather days or just because it feels good and is fun! A professional sauna attendant is on hand from Tuesday to Saturday to provide fragrant sauna infusions from 15:00 hrs onwards.

Cooling in the diving pool after the sauna
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The health aspect

Sauna is the most practical way of strengthening the immune system and reducing susceptibility to viral infections and cal also be used to treat certain diseases, including disorders if the autonomic nervous system. Raising the body temperature to 39°C during the perspiration phase (artificial fever) has the same effect as a natural fever on the body, namely the destruction of pathogens through increased temperature. The process of heating the body followed by a cold bath relaxes the muscles and induces several beneficial physiological effects such as lowering blood pressure, stimulating circulation, metabolism, the immune and respiratory system, it also has a positive effect on the subjective well-being.

The well-being and wellness aspect

Sweating in the sauna is also good for the skin and slows its aging process! The skin reacts immediately on entering the sauna, blood vessels expand, blood flow increases and after around 15 minutes the surface temperature rises to 40 – 42°C. The blood vessels constrict again during the cooling down phase. Sweating repeatedly alternated with water treatments causes very thorough, but gentle cleansing of the body. The top layer of skin is softened, rough skin cells are loosened and can be rinsed off easily. Sweat glands are activated in extremely dry skin, resulting in improved water deposits in the epidermal layer.

Please note:

  • Saunas are nudist areas in Austria.

  • Swimwear is not allowed!

  • Users enter the steam sauna naked; you will need a towel to sit on in the Finnish sauna and another one under your feet.

  • Only children aged 16 and over are permitted access to the sauna area.


Information on admission fees to the sauna area. There are hour tickets, inquire in advance.



Fun in the sun at the leisure pool

Neue Hochleistungssolarien sorgen für Sonnenvergnügen im Erlebnisbad. Drei Solarien gegen Gebühr (Münzeinwurf) findest du bereits im Eingangsbereich (ohne Eintritt), weitere Solarien gibt’s auch im Saunabereich.

Solarien sind technische Einrichtungen zur Bestrahlung des Körpers mit UV-Licht. Meist geschieht dies aus kosmetischen Gründen, um dem eigenen Körper eine schöne und vital wirkende Bräunung zu verpassen. Aber auch im medizinischen Bereich werden Solarien zur Behandlung von Hautkrankheiten oder gegen die vielverbreiteten „Kreuzschmerzen“ eingesetzt!

Solarium - Sun in the sun at the adventure pool
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Positive Aspekte moderner UV-Bestrahlung

New high-performance solariums provide fun in the sun at the Erlebnisbad. Three sun beds (coin operated) are located in the entrance area and can be used without paying for pool admission. Additional sun beds can be found in the sauna area. Solariums are technical devices that irradiate the body with ultra-violet light. People usually use them for cosmetic reasons in order to give the body a beautiful and healthy looking tan. Solariums, however, are also used in the medical sector to treat skin complaints or common backache!

Code of conduct

Please follow these tanning rules during every sunbed session:

  • Do NOT use sun cream in the solarium!

  • Do NOT apply perfumes or cosmetics before using a solarium!

  • Those suffering from skin disease or unsure about the health consequences of using a sunbed should consult their doctor before use!

Do not use the solarium if:

  • You have sensitive skin (very pale skin, freckles, blonde or ginger hair, blue or green eyes)

  • You have lots of moles or liver spots

  • You suffer from skin cancer (or early stage skin cancer)

  • You are an organ transplant recipient

  • You are under 18 years of age! … As from 1st September 2010, only those aged 18 years and over are allowed to use sun beds in Austria!

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